Subh Saguns

Subh Saguns or good omens based on " Jothida Sasthras" or "Astrology" as given by "Jathaga Brahma" R. Chandrasekar M.A.D.A. are listed here. It is a belief followed traditionally in India among Indians who are strict in following all sorts of Sastra's based on Hindu religion.

1. When you start for a good work if you could happen to see the following, Pot of curd, Elephant, Horse, virgin women, cow, many brahmins, diamond, fire, grains, sandal, dead body, Poornakumb or kalasam, Atchathai or turmeric pasted rice, cow with calf, mother and baby, sesame, laundry clothes, ox, lotus, conch, ghee, milk, meat, instrumental music then the work ends up successfully as expected.

2. If the following species Eagle, Quail, Garud or vulture, Udumbu or monitor lizard, owl, Keeri, monkey goes from right to left before us then its good.

3. If you happened to see the following cow, buffalo, elephant, temples, palaces, hill top, climbing up the tree, meat food, eating curd rice, wearing white clothes, diamond jewels, applying sanda, conuming betel leaf and nuts, camphor, white flowers in dreams then some good incident is to happen very soon.

4. If you happened to see the following bite of white snake, bite of scorpion, crossing the sea, being tied, caught in fire then there is to be increase in your prosperity.

5. If you happened to see the Garud on Sundays, incurable diseases will be cured.

6. If you happened to see the Garud on Mondays, Tuesdays you could overcome worries soon.

7. If you happened to see the Garud on Wednesdays, Thursdays bad omens covering you will be cleared.

8. If you happened to see the Garud on Fridays, Saturdays, your prosperity will increase.

9. As soon as you awake if you could see lotus, gold, king, deep, mirror, sun, fire, sandal, sea, field, Gopuram of temple, Lingam, mountains covered with clouds, cow with calf, your right palm, wife, Mrithangam, Forest elephamt, gorilla then you are expecting a good incident.

10. If you happen to feel a good breeze, expected work being ready, hymn of vedas, ringing of bell, Deepam, when you are starting out then that job is a successful one.


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