Kethu Bagawan

Kethu - Keezhaperumpallam - The sthalam is located 6 kms from Thiruvengaadu, enroute to Poompuhar. His wife is Chitralekha. The presiding deities are Naaganaadaswamy and his consort Ambal. He faces the North-West direction. The Adi Devatha is Chitraguptan and the Prathyathi Devatha is Brahma.

His colour is red and his vahana is the eagle; the grain associated with him is khollu; the flower - red alli (lily); fabric - multi coloured cloth; gem - Vaidooriyam (cat's eye); food - rice mixed with khollu powder.

Kethu gayatri
om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae
soola hastaaya dheemahi
tanno ketu: prachodayaat


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