Sevvai (Angaaraka) Bagawan

Sevvai ( Angaaraka)- Vaitheeswaran Temple - The sthalam is located 6kms from Sirgazhi en route to Mayavaram. His wives are Malini, Susilini. The presiding deity are Vaidyanathan and his consort Thaiyal Nayaki.
Sevvai is the Lord of Mesha and Vrichika Rasi and he faces South direction. The Adi Devatha is Boomidevi; Prathyathi Devatha is Kshetra Balagan.

His colour is red and his vahana is the ram. The grain associated with him is thuvarai; the flowers - shenbagam and red arali; fabric - red cloth; gem - coral; food- rice mixed with toor dhal powder.

Angaaraka gayatri (Sevvaai)
om veeradhwajaaya vidmahae
vighna hastaaya dheemahi
tanno bhouma: prachodayaat


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