Sri Sai Sachcharitra - Introduction

Whosoever will come to shirdi Their troubles shall vanish
Om Sri Sai Namo Namaha
Sri Sai Sachcharitra
The wonderful life of sri Sai Baba and the pearls of his teachings based on his miracles
( Complete 55 chapters)
Writer of original marathi work Shri Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias 'Hemadpant'
English Translator
Acharya Purushottamananda

In the present day world everyone, like Arjun, is entangled in numerous problems and doubts. He is unable to get the doubts resolved despite trying hard to do so. The events narrated in Sri sai Sachacharitra give new life awareness to man who is encircled in the whirlwind of his circumstances. What he needs is only to enshrine in the heart Sai Teachings in the same manner as was done by Arjun. Then he shall find the gems of wisdom, and his life entanglements shall be resolved. Sai teachings ahall enable to envision divinity within by removing coverings of dross over the soul one by one and help attain true self-realisation, and the very life-style of man shall be changed. I beseech sai deotees and all those who are inquisitive to know about them to bless the readers of this book with health, wealth, happiness and peace.

Have full trust in Me. I shall abandon the mortal-coils, even then my bones shall enkindle hope and confidence. Not I alone, but my Abode shall converse and beam the message of hope. If you shall trust in Me, you shall be immensely benefitted.

-Sri Sai Nath


True to the motto this Sri Sai Sachacharithra is dedicated to the Lotus feet of Sri Sainath.

On service to Sai I wish to share this Sai Sacharithra as such written by the original author 'Hemadpant' to all and wish all to enjoy the gist of Sai teachings and lead a satisfied moral life.

Chapter 1


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