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Yoga narasimhar
Sholingur is a divine abode of Lord Narasimhar in medidating form with Amruthavalli(Goddess Lakshmi) and Hanuman also in medidating form. It is an astonishing place with two hill temples both nearby and laid opposite to each other. Sholinghur or CholaSimhapuram is anciently known as Thirukadigai. This fact is evident from the sacred poems of the Third Thiruvanthathi of Peyalvar and from ThirumangaiAlvar. It is one among 108 divyadesam. The name of this place is Kadighachalam as known from ancient legend. There is an inscription of 14th century in the Big Hill and another of 17th century in Small Hill and also a inscription in Telugu Language.
On the main hill,which has 1305 steps and is about 750 feet high,the temple of sri Yoga Narasimhar with goddess Amruthavalli is situated.The temples will be Open between 8 am to 5.30 pm. This is the place where incarnation of Lord Narayana in the famous form of Yoga Narasimha gave mukthi to Prahalatha and gave Darsan to all and to fulfill all the wishes of the devotees.
There is also a Temple for Sri yoga Anjaneyar on the small hill, which is about 350 feet High. Lord Anjeneya who is in the yoga stage helped Indrathymna Maharaja in killing the Arakkan Nikumban and saved his country. It was held on Sunday and hence evey Sunday is an important one for Siriya Thiruvadi. People take a bath in the Chakkra Theertham of the small hill and worship the Lord.
There is a small window opposite to Lord Narasimha’s Shrine at Big Hill, through which the Lord give darsan to Yoga Anjeneya at Small Hill. Yoga Narasimhar is facing east and the Small Hill is at the eastern side of the Big Hill.
It is a pleasant sight to see the Lord Narasimha in the Yoga form with Sanguchakram,Salakirama Haram,yoga peetam, korai teeth, long nails and strong hair give darsan to the people as santhamurthi. Also the Lord Anjaneyya in the Yoga form with Sanguchakram. This form is the unique one in the Bharatha Kandam.
It is just 27 K.m. away from Arakkonam on the Bangalore-Madras Train Route. Easy transport facility is also available from Chennai, Vellore,Chittor, Tiruttani, Arakkonam and Arcot. People alight at Arakkonam junction and come to this place. There are several cottages of the Devasthanam and the rent is Rs. 60/- ,75/- and 100/- per 24 hours according to the facility.
Temple officers can be reached as:
Assistant Commissiner/Executive Officer, Arulmigu Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple,Sholinghur, Vellore. email:


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