The Uppiliappan Temple which is also called ThiruVinnagar is near Thirunaageshwaram, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. The deity here is Lord Uppiliappan Perumal with his consort Bhumi Devi and her father Sage Markandeya.
The Moolavar is Uppiliyappan (Srinivaasan) seen in standing posture, similar to Venkataachalapathi, facing east. Those who cannot visit Thirupati worship the Lord at this sthalam. On the request of the wife of Marukandu Maharishi, the naivediyam to the Lord is without salt. Thaayaar - Boomi Devi seen in seated posture at the Lord's feet. No separate temple. Mangalasasanam done by Thirumangaialwar,Peyalwar and Nammalwar. Theertham - Ahoraathra Pushkarini, Aarthi Pushkarini.

The Prasadam is made without salt. It is told that people who eat salt inside the temple premises will be going to hell. The prasadam given without salt is very very tasty. Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice), Dhadhyonam (Curd Rice), Pongal, Chakkarai Pongal, Vada, Adhirasam, Murukku are offered to Lord as Prasadam. While eating the Prasadam inside the temple, one would never realize that it was cooked without salt.

The temple contact number is country code + 0435 246 3385. The temple is at SouthEast of Kumbakonam located 1/2 mile distance from the Sirgazhi railaway station, Tamilnadu


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