Worship of Hanuman Tail

Lord Hanuman is known for his mighty behaviours and is a great well – wisher towards those who utter the name of Lord Ram. The tail of Hanuman also has its major role in Ramayana. Worshipping Hanuman with his tail on the back standing as a question mark removes all the questions in our life and is proven truth. Such devotion is made in various ways based on the wish or desire we pray for.

1. One who has to be freed from all grahadoshas has to worship Hanuman by keeping red tika with kumkum on the tail of Hanuman starting from its origin till end and then back to origin by keeping tika on by one daily and at the end of the course presen Hanuman any of his favourite Naivediya like butter, urad dal vada.
2. For the success in education, career, want of wisdom, fame one has to keep tika with butter on the tail and follow the above custom.
3. To gain courage, one has to keep tika with sindhur on His tail and follow the customs.
And keeping this tika has o be completed within 11 weeks to get all the desires fulfilled.


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