Thirukarukavur - Temple that blesses for babies

Thirukarukavur is abode of Shri Karparakshambigai (also pronounced as Garbharakshambikha or Garbharakshambigai) and Arulmigu Sri Mullaivannathar. 

Temple History
This is an ancient Siva temple about 20 kms East of Thanjavur. It is a huge temple spread over a wide expanse with grand Gopurams and a tank in front of it. The Linga here is self-manifested and made of ant-hill mud.Therefore there is no water abhisekam worship is only offered with "Punuhu". This Punuhu Chattam is offered by devotees who want to be cured from diseases. Also in ancient times, the temple was hidden in midst of garden of jasmine( mullai poo) and a evidence of it can still be witnessed on Linga as it has prints of creapers over it.
It is believed that childless people who worship here with devotion and faith are blessed with pregnancy and pregnant women with safe deliveries. Shri Karparakshambigai is 'The Mother Who Protects the Womb'. She not only protects the womb, but also blesses the women who dont have child to yield a healthy child if bowed to her with faith and patience. Unmarried women also pray here for their marriages.

The legend behind the temple
Its origin speaks of the story of Sage Nidhruva and his wife Vedhika who conceived after many prayers. Once while the sage was away, thepregnant Vedika was deep asleep when Sage Urdhvapada came to her door asking for alms. Therefore ,she did not hear him and failed to respond. He cursed her and the foetus slipped out of her womb. She prayed to the Goddess who appeared and protected it , keeping it in a pot till it developed into a male child Naidhruvan.

Sloka to get normal delivery
Sloka to have baby

Route to Temple
The temple, is situated at Thirukarukaavur, Papanasam Taluk in Tanjore District in TamilNadu. From Chennai, you have to take a train or bus to Kumbakonam and from Kumbakonam, there are buses going straight to Thirukarugavur where the temple is situated. Car rental from Kumbakonam is also feasible.

The address:
Karparakshambigai Temple

Papanasam (T.K)

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