Religious News

  1. Othimalai, a small hill of 1500 steps in Anur near Coimabtore of Tamilnadu is an abode of Lord Muruga with 5 faces and 8 arms. The mount Peacock also accompanies the diety.
  2. Doing Pooja to Goddess Durga in Raagu time is very good inorder to get anugraha(blessings) of Lord Raagu.
  3. Doing pooja to Chitragupt in Yamakanta is very good inorder to get anugraha(blessings) of Lord Kethu.
  4. Lord Muruga in Linga rup(form) can be seen in Lord Iyyappa temple of Hubli, Karnataka. Here the deity is worshipped as Lord Subramanya.
  5. Sree Thiyagarajar temple of Tiruvavoor in Tamilnadu ages back to 1000 years. The temple is adored with 9 Raaja gopuras, 80 vimanas and 13 halls.


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