Pachapandava's Vishnu sthal

From Ernakulam of Kerala in a 100 meters distance is Thiruchitraru an abode of Lord Vishnu. This place is very special as the idol here belongs to Yudhishtra ( dharma), the eldest of Pandavas. It is said that after the Mahabaratha war, the Pandavas started their voyage to pilgrims. At that time each built a temple with their own idol to which they had done puja all those days. Thirichitraru temple of Vishnu is one built by Yudhistra. The temple pond is named after conch and is called as 'sanku theertham'.

Nearby are the temples of other Pandavas:
  • Thirupuliyur - By Bheem
  • Aaranmulla - By Arjun
  • Tiruvanvandoor - By Nakulan
  • Thirukodithaanam - By Sakadev

These temples belong to 108 divya desam sthals of Lord Vishnu.


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