To get positive powers at home

Sometimes you may sense bad or negative signs flowing within your house. To get rid of it one can choose any of the following choice:
  • Ganapathy Homam
  • Place dhristi ganapathi photo in the home entrance
  • Regularly play divine songs like Suprabhatham songs, skanda shasti kavacham, hanuman chalisa, rig, yajur, sama and atharvana veda sabds
  • Light deeps to God in early morning and also in evening
  • Light camphor or incense sticks and show it all over he house in all rooms
  • Grow tulasi plant at home and daily water it and show aarti.
  • At the entrance place a pot of water filled with aromatic flowers
  • Or place a small fountain at the entrance
  • Above all think positively to have positive signs and follow the good manners as advised by elders.


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