Gist from Gayathiri Shasranamam

Before getting into the gist of Gayathiri Sahasranamam, I would like to share some importance of God's or Deva's Language - Sanskrit.

Sanskrit - the language of mantra

Words of power that are subtly attuned to the unseen harmonies of the matrix of creation, the world as yet unformed. Vak (speech), or the "word", incorporates both the sense of voice and word. It has four forms of expression. The first, para, represents cosmic ideation arising from absolute divine presence. The second, pasyanti (seeing), is vak as subject, seeing which creates the object of madhyama-vak, the third and subtle form of speech before it manifests as vaikhari-vak, the gross production of letters in spoken speech. This implies the possibility of having speech oriented to a direct living truth which transcends individual preoccupation with the limited information available through the senses. Spoken words as such are creative living things of power. They penetrate to the essence of what they describe, and give birth to meaning which reflects the profound interrelatedness of life.

Its unique organization of the alphabet serves to focus one's attention on qualities and patterns of articulated sound in a way that occurs in no other language. Sanskrit produces a transcendental sound vibration which is able to liberate the living entity from the material existence called samsara, the circle of repeated births and deaths.

Gayathiri Mantra is composed in Sanskrit. So by paying continuous attention to the point of location, degree of resonance, and effort of breath, one's awareness becomes more and more consumed by the direct experience of articulated sound. Chanting them, produces an unprecedented clarity of mind and revelry in the joy of language, as every combination of sound follows strict laws which essentially make possible an uninterrupted flow of the most perfect euphonic blending of letters into words and verse.

There are different Gayathiri mantras composed on different dieties each having a definite purpose. Here are some for your wellfare:

To get rid of diseases
Sarvaroga prasamanee
Sarvapaba vimosini
Samathrushti: samaguNa
Sarvagopthree sahaa yinee
To get rid of povertty
thagaararoopa thaththa sree:
thaarithrya chchethagaariNee
thaththaathreyasya varathatha
thaarangee deenavathSala
To get prosperity
vaSooprada Vaasudevee
vasudeva manoharee
vaasavaarsitha paathachree:
vaasavaari vinaasinee
To get your desires fullfilled
Samaanaa Saamadevee Sa
SamaStha SooraSevitha
Sarva Sambaththi Jananee
SathguNaa Sagaleshtatha


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