Komatha Puja

Komatha - Sacred cow with her calf named 'Nandhini'
Komatha also called as 'Kamadhenu' is an all wish satisfying cow of Heaven. Worshipping Her along with Her calf named 'Nandhini' is very auspicious.  The importance and divinity of Komatha and Nandhini can be known from the story of Sage, 'Viswamitra'.

Vishwamitra was the king in his early life and was known as Kaushika, the descendent of kusha dynasty. One of the four sons of Kusha was Kushanubha, who performed the sacrifice called `Puthrakameshti` and had a son named Gadhi. Kaushika or Vishwamitra was the son of King Gadhi. Kaushika enthroned his father`s kingdom after his father Gadhi. He was an expert ruler. Kaushik was very popular among his subjects. Once he had a tour in his kingdom, listening to the complaints of his subjects and advising them the probable remedies.

Once, Vishwamitra and his soldiers took shelter in the Ashram of Rishi Vasishta. Vasishta took well care of his large army and fed them well. Vishwamitra was surprised how it was possible for a sage to take care and made all arrangements to feed such a large army.Vishwamitra wanted to know the mystery from Vasishta. Vashita replied that he had a divine calf Nandini, gifted by Indra. Nandini was the daughter of Indra`s cow Kamdhenu. She provided Vasishta with all that he needed.

Kaushika was overwhelmed to know the truth. He decided to possess that cow as he thought that a humble sage like Vasishta did not need it much. Vishwamitra expressed his desire to sage Vasishta. Vasishta refused the proposal in a polite but steadfast manner. The king was extremely angry. He insulted Brahmarishi Vasishta with coarse words. Vishwamitra ordered his army to seize the cow and drive it to his kingdom. Vasishta to encounter them created an army of fierce warrior with his yogic power. They fought the army of Vishwamitra and defeated them. Kaushika was imprisoned in the war and presented before Vasishta but the Brahmarishi forgave him and released him with words of advice.

This incident made a deep impression on King Kaushika. He realized that power gained by penances is much greater than the physical power of a king. He resolved to be a greater Rishi than Sage Vasishta and renounced his kingdom. Kaushika then took the name Vishwamitra. After severe austerity and overcoming many hardships Vishwamitra won the title of Brahmarishi by Vashita himself.

Thus Komatha as the name says She plays the role of a mother giving enlightment of Truth, Wisdom and Prosperity. One who adores and does puja is granted all the desires and has the blessings of the three main Goddesses Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswathy.
For Gomatha Pooja you can buy a small silver cow with a calf and then every day morning and evening keep it on a plate outside the front door and wash it with water and do abhishekam with milk and keep Turmeric and kumkum. Put a small flower garland and gave arti and bring it inside and kept it in the pooja room.

The various parts of the body of the cow in which the deities, the revered sages, the various elements, are believed to dwell are given as follows:

  1. Two Horns of the Cow The Creator 'Brahma' 
  2. The Head of the Cow The Deity 'Indra' 
  3. Forehead of the Cow The Deity 'Agni 
  4. Collar of the Cow The Deity 'Yama' 
  5. Brain of the Cow The Deity 'Moon' 
  6. Upper Jaw of the Cow The Highest world Dyuloka 
  7. Lower Jaw of the Cow The Earth 
  8. The Tongue The Lightening 
  9. The Teeth The Deity 'Marut' 
  10. The Throat The 'Revatee' Constellation 
  11. The Shoulder The 'Kritka' Constellation 
  12. Bones of the Shoulder The Summer Season 
  13. All the Organs of the Cow The Deity 'Vaayu' 
  14. The Heaven The World to which cow, belongs 
  15. The BackBone The Deity 'Rudra' 
  16. In the Chest The Eagle 
  17. Is the Power & Strength Of the Cow The Space 
  18. Hunch of the Cow The Sage Vrihashpati 
  19. In the bones of the Chest The Stanza by the name of Vrihatee 
  20. The Back Angels & Fairies 
  21. Bones of the Ribs The Hostesses of the Angels & Fairies. 
  22. The Shoulders The Deity 'Varuna' and Friend 
  23. The Forelegs The Sage 'Tvashta & the sage 'Aryama' 
  24. The Hindlegs The Destroyer 'Lord Mahadeva' 
  25. The Backside of the Cow The wife of the Deity 'Indra' 
  26. The Tail The Deity 'Vaayu' 
  27. The Hairs of the Body The Sage 'Pawamana' 
  28. The Buttock The Caste 'Brahmin' & The caste'Kshatriya' 
  29. Lies in the Thighs The Strength of the Cow. 
  30. Bones of the Knees The Deity Sun and the Creator 
  31. The Calf of the Cow The Celestial Beings 'Gandharva' 
  32. In the Smaller Bones The Celestial Beings 'Apsara' 
  33. Hooves of the Cow The Mother of the Sun, God, 'Aditi' 
  34. In the Heart 'The Mind '
  35. In the Liver of the Cow 'The Intelligence '
  36. The Nerve By the Name Of 'Puritat' The Religious Vow 'Vrata' 
  37. The Belly 'The Hunger '
  38. In the Intestines 'Goddess Sarswati' 
  39. In the internal part of the intestines 'The Mountains'
  40. In the Ovum 'The sorrow (Manyu) '
  41. In the sense Organs 'The Subjects & the People (Praja)'
  42. In the Ovary 'The River'
  43. In the Breasts The Deity 'Varuna' 
  44. In the cells of the Breasts which produce milk 'The Thundering clouds '
  45. In the Skin The 'All-Pervasive power' 
  46. In the hairs of the Body,Of the cow 'The Various Medicines' 
  47. The Anus 'The heavenly & Celestial Beings 'Devagana' '
  48. In the Intestine 'The Man'
  49. In the Stomach The Celestial being 'Yaksha' 
  50. In the Kidney 'The Anger'
  51. In the Blood The Demon 'Rakshasha' 
  52. The Appearance of The Cow 'The Constellation'
  53. In the Stomach 'The Other living beings'
  54. Is the Grossness 'The sky '
  55. In the Bone-Marrow 'The Death '
  56. Is Like Fire 'The Posture while sitting'
  57. Is the Deity 'Ashwinee Kumar The posture while getting up 
  58. The Deity 'Indra' The Posture while standing and facing East 
  59. The Lord of Death 'Yamaraja' The Posture while standing and facing South 
  60. The Creator 'Brahma' The Posture while standing and facing west 
  61. The Sun God The Posture while standing & facing North 
  62. The Deity Moon The Cow while Grazing 
  63. The Friend The Cow while looking 
  64. Pure Joy The Posture of the Cow while turning it back

Also, it is very auspicious to lend any eatables like fruits to Komatha to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi especially on Fridays.

Kamadenu or Komatha Sloka to chant during puja.


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