Information on Sarees offered to Dieties

Every diety in Hindu mythology is prayed and done poojas for some specific purpose like Goddess Durga is prayed to be blessed with power, Goddess Lakshmi for wealth while Goddess saraswathi for education. Specifications are observed in their offerings also inorder to get her entire blessings.

So is the colors of sarees offered to dieties during abishekam.
  1. Sree Durga - 100% red coloured saree is preferred.
  2. Sree Lakshmi - 60% yellow and 40% red coloured saree.
  3. Sree Mahasaraswathi -60% white + 40% red.
  4. Sree Saraswathi - 100% white.
  5. Sree Mahakali - 80% purple + 20% red.
  6. Sree Kali  - 100% purple


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