Panja Bagavathy Kshetras

Bagavathy is celebrated as an incarnation of Godess Durga, eliminator of evil of any forms and blesses with good will power. The term  'Bagavathy' is popular in southern part of Tamilnadu especially Kerala. Bahavathy meaning goddess in Sanskrit is the general way people refer to the Hindu goddesses in  Kerala. It can be used to refer any of the Hindu goddesses like Durga, Kannaki, Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kali etc.

Temples of these goddesses are referred to as Bhagavathi temples. Kshetras are the abode of  God. Panja means five in Sanskrit and Hindi. Panja Bagavathi Kshetras is said to be a collection of five Bagavathy temples. According to myths, and also devotees it is a proven truth that one who visits these five kshetras is relieved from  worldly miseries and attains tranquilty with ever prosperous life.

The so called Panja Bagavathy Kshetras are..

  1. Mookambigai - Kollur
  2. Lokambigai - Vadakara
  3. Hemambigai - Palakkad
  4. Bagavathy - Kodungallur
  5. Balambigai - Kanyakumari

In the following weeks these kshetras will be explored by the grace of  Goddess Durga.


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