Ayurdevi - Mother of Universe

Sri Aayur Devi, the Empress of the Universe, is a manifestation of the Universal Mother Parashakti. Mother Ayur Devi's worship was prevalent in a grand manner during the in the Kritha (Satya)Yuga. Seated on a Siddha swan (anna vaahanam) on a base of Siddha lions (simha peetam), the blissful Mother offers a seat(kara peetam) to nine great Siddhas in eight of Her nine divine hands. Her ninth hand shows the Abaya Hastha or the fear not sign. Siddhas are those who always are at bliss at the worship of Mother Parashakthi or Sri Devi Upaasana and have dedicated their lives for fetching salvation for this mankind.

Maa Ayurdevi

With the Trimoorthi ( Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) trinity looking on in awe, Sri Chitragupta ( Assistant of Lord Yama) dutifully cataloging the karma of all beings, Sri Yama and His consort worshiping Her, the great Mother presides over the universe. Usually we can see the Siddhas form only in the temple pillars but the moment one worships Mother Ayur devi he gets double benefitted of worshipping the Mother Ayur Devi as well the Siddhas.

Name of Siddhas in Maa Ayurdevi's hands:

Right Hand (from top to bottom) 
1. Gayasura Mahrishi
2. Aani Mandavyar
3. Athri Maharishi
4. Kundalini Maharishi

Left Hand (Top to Bottom) 
5. Ahirputhniya Maharishi
6. Saarama Munivar
7. Astheeka Siddhar
8. Kaakini Devi and Samvartha Maharishi (inside the divine Kumbha or the amritha kalasa)

Maa Ayurdevi Dyan

Jayaamba jaya sarvaani jayagowree Ayurdevi
namonamaste sivakama sundari
namo namaste arunachaleswari
namo mahagowree namo namaste

Maa Ayurdevi Moola Mantra

Om Sreem hreem aim
subayay deva senayay
ayurdevyay swaaha

Chant this for 24 or 36 or 64 or 108 times...

Maa Ayurdevi Gayathri

Om mahadevyay cha vithmahe
paraskthyay cha theemahi
thanno ayur devyay prachothayaath

Maa Ayurdevi Namavali 

Om Sri Akilaandesvaryai Namaha
Om Sri Anna Vaahinyai Namaha
Om Sri Adbhuta Chaarithraayai Namaha
Om Sri Aadhi Devyai Namaha
Om Sri Aadhi Paraasakthyai Namaha
Om Sri Eesvaryai Namaha
Om Sri Ekaantha Poojithaayai Namaha
Om Sri Omkara Roopinyai Namaha
Om Sri Kaala Bhairavyai Namaha
Om Sri Kritha Yuga Chit Sakthyai Namaha
Om Sri Chakra Vaasinyai Namaha
Om Sri Siddh Purusha Thathvaayai Namaha
Om Sri Shiva Shakti Aikya Svaroopinyai Namaha
Om Sri Lalitha Paramesvaryai Namaha
Om Sri Trimurti Svaroopinyai Namaha
Om Sri Nava Kara Roopinyai Namaha
Om Sri Nava Mudra Samaaraadhyaayai Namaha
Om Sri Padmaasanasthaayai Namaha
Om Sri Yogaambikaayai Namaha
Om Sri Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Nishevithaayai Namaha
Om Sri Vishnu Roopinyai Namaha
Om Sri Veda Mantra Yantra Shaktyai Namaha
Om Sreem Hreem Aim Subaayai Namaha
Om Sri Shiva Kutumbinyai Namaha
Om Sri Arunachala Merusthaayai Namaha
Om Sri Kara Peeta Vara Prasaadinyai Namaha
Om Sri Aayur Devyai Namaha
Source: Om Saravana Bava - Spiritual Magazine

Chanting this set of 27 names four times, is equivalent to one Ashtotara (108 names). Chanting this Ashtotara ten times will be a Sahasranama (1000 names) and that is highly recommended. 10 sahasranamas per day pays way to the Mother's grace!

Performing Kalasa Puja for Her is very auspicious during Navrathiri. Doing archana (offering flowers at the Mother's lotus feet with the recitation of every name) with gold/yellow colored fragrant flowers is highly recommended. This is the way to get sarva mangala sowbhagya - all auspiciousness and prosperity.

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