Sloka for overcoming delay in marriage

Saptha Kanya
Saptha Kanya refers to Seven Virgin Mothers who are Parivaara Devataas of AadhiParaaShakti. The Saptha Kannikas, are namely Brahmi, Mahe’shwari, Kowmaari, Vaishnavi, Vaaraahi, Indraani, and Chaamundi .  Traditionally, all the Hindu Temples in villages and rural areas of India, these Seven Virgin Mothers are consecrated as seven stones and worshipped as formless. These shrines are often called “Kanni Kovil” meaning “Virgin Temples”. The Saptha Kanya shrine is also always found in all Shiva temples.

Of these Kannikas, Vaaraahi is considered to be activating force of Lord Yamaa (The Lord of death), who has four hands displaying Varadha and Abhaya Mudras and holding Dhanda, Sword, Gada, Shanku (Conch), Plough, Chakra (Wheel), Bhoomi (Earth), and Lotus flower. Her vaahana is Buffalo. Shri Vaaraahi is Mada Naashinya, meaning She is the destroyer of Mada or Self-Pride.
Sri Vaaraahi Matha
Devadeva jaganmaatha jagathaananda kaarike

uthvaahap praapthyarththam anugraham
dehime devi sri vithyambike
Chanting this wonderful sloka in name of her and performing Abishek and Archanna on her name on Friday along with offering yellow saree and azella flowers(Sevarali in Tamil) will bring fortune in finding the life partner as early as possibe.

Sri Vaarahi matha is also the savior of all dangers. It is a belief that keeping Her photo in our journeys is assured for accident free journey.


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