Sri Sai Sachcharira - Chapter -9 - Part 2

Sri Sai Sachcharira - Chapter -9 - Part 1
Effect of touch of Guru's hand and Sai Baba's words, URS on Ramanavami Day, Chandan celebration, Arrangement for the fare, Inter-relatedness of US and Ramanavami, Renovation of mosque.

Inner-relatedness of Ramanavami and URS 

Ramanavami at Shirdi

This idea appealed to Kaka Mahajani. Now the main problem was how to get a 'haridas' who could perform 'sankirtan' chanting glories of God. But Bhishma solved this problem. He told: "the composition on the story of Sri Ram, written by me is complete, in which the birth of Sri Ram is also included. I will do the kirtan of that and you give me company on the 'harmonium'(musical instrument) and Radhakrishna mai would prepare 'Prasad'.

Then both of them went to the mosque to get the approval of Baba. Baba being omniscient knew what was happening in the wada. Baba asked a question to Mahajani:"what was happening there?". Mahajani got dismayed by suddenly asked this question. Then Baba asked Bhishma what is the matter? Bhishma presented the idea of celebrating Ramanavami festival before Baba and requested him for his approval. Baba gave approval with pleasure.The next day the mosque was decorated with colorful buntings. Smt. Radhakrishna mai brought a cradle and put it before Baba and thereafter the celebration commenced. Bhishma stood up to do 'Sankirtan' and Mahajani gave him company on the 'Harmonium'. Then Baba called for Mahajani. Mahajani was bewildered with a doubt whether Baba will allow all this festivity to go on. When he reached near Baba, he put a question to him. Why this cradle is put here?

Mahajani told that the programme of Ramanavami celebration has started, and that is why the cradle has been placed here. Baba took up two garlands, ofwhich one he put around the neck of Kaka and other he sent for Bhishm. Now Sankirtan continued. When 'Sankirtan' ended shouts of glory be to 'Raja ram' were raised aloud and red colored powder was thrown up in the air, a few particles of which fell into the eyes of Baba accidentally. There upon Baba got rage and furious. He began furiuosly to shout unpalatable words. All were fear-stricken by witnessing this sudden turn of pleasant event. The close devotees and those who were well-versed with Baba's such sudden outbursts were not to be upset. They took Baba's outbursts as blessings. They thought that today is the birthday of Lord Ram, therefore it is but natural for Baba to be so enraged for the destruction of Ravana and egoistic tendencies of demonic nature. Therefore they all were amusingly taken aback. Radhakrishna mai too was afraid lest Baba may not break up the cradle. So she told kaka Mahajani to remove away the cradle from there.But Baba stopped him from doing so.after sometime Baba was at peacewith himself and the programme of worship and 'Aarti' of that day was completed without any further interruption. Thereafter kaka Mahajani asked permission to take away the cradle. But Baba declined by saying that the celebration was still not over.

The next day 'Gopal Kala' celebration was held, then afterwards Baba allowed taking away of the cradle. In this celebration curd mixed cooked rice is hung upin earthen pot and after the 'Sankrtan' being over the pot is broken and then is distributed to all as 'prashad'. During the day procession of two flags and at night 'chandan' procession was taken out with great festivity. After this Urs celebration was turned into Ramanavami celebration. From the next year (1912) theschedule of Ramanavami celebrations was expanded to include chandan and Urs processions. Smti Radhakrishna mai started 'Naamsaptah' from the 1st day of 'chaitra'(week long recitation of God's name). All devotees took part in it turn by turn. She too joined them in the morning. Ramanavami celebrations are held in all parts of the country. So the next year also the availability of 'Haridas' to do Sankirtan was faced. But it was solved before the commencement of the celebration. Five-six days before Shri Mahajani incidently met Bala Buva. Bala Buva is famous as the present day Tukaram and this year's Sankirtan was assigned to him.

The next year in 1913, Sri Haridas (Bala Buva of satarkar of Satara District) because of out break of Plague in the Kavate village could not do the job of Haridas in his village. So he came to Shirdi this year. Kaka Saheb got the approval of Baba for Kirtan to be performed by him. Baba too gave adequate reward.In 1914 Baba removed the problem of Haridas forever. He assigned the duty to Dasaganu Maharaj. It is worth noting that the procession and the festivity both Hindus and Muslims worked together. But even till today no controversy took place among them.

Renovation of the Mosque

As the idea of holding Urs or fare came to the mind of Shri Gopal Gund first of all, similarly the idea of renovation of the mosque came to his mind alone. He collected stone for this purpose and cut in rectangular shape. But the credit for this job to be completed was reserved for Nana Saheb Chandrokar and doing the floor work to Kaka Saheb Dixit. At first Baba did not give his approval, but on the intervention of local devotee Mahalsapti his approval was obtained and the entire floor of the mosque was completed in single night. Till now Baba used to sit on a piece of tattared mat. Now by removing it from there a small mattress was placed for him to sit. In 1911, the assembly hall too was diligently repaired.

The courtyard of the mosque was very small and inconvenient. Kaka saheb wanted to raise a roof-cover over it by enlarging it. By spending the required money, he purchased the steel pillars etc.,and the work commenced. By working day and night the devotees raised the pillars. The next day when Baba returned from Chawadi he pulled out those pillars and enraged. He pulle dout the pillars by holding it with one hand and by the other he pulled off the turban of Tatya and put it in fre. Due to rage Baba's eyes appeared as if burning amber. None was able to gather courage to look to him. All were afraid of what may happen next. One of Baba's devotees Bhagoji Shinde got courage to move forward, but Baba pushed him behind. Whosoever tried to make him quiet, something to other happened to him.

On his being quiet and the anger over, he called shopkeeper and purchasing an embroidered piece od cloth tiedit on the head of Tatya himself as if a special honor was done to him, watching this wonderful action devotees were astonished. They were unable to know for what unknown reason Baba was so enraged. Why did he give a beating to Tatyaand laterhis anger was cooled off? Baba at time used to be in very serious moods and sometimes on his own become quiet and held loving conversation. But all of a sudden he also used to be enraged without any apparent reason.

****"Om Sai Ram"****


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