Bairavar and speciality of Ashtami thithi

BairaverBairavar is considered to be a form of Lord Shiva who takes the responsibility of a secured life as even Lord Yama dares to near his devotees. He is found in the west part of all Shiva temples and he is observed to be the security of the temple. Thus one who adores Him will also get a secured life. If one prays for Lord Bairava for job security offering garland made of 11 r 21 or 17 lemon then his boon is granted wholeheatedly.

Every Ashtami is auspicious for Bairavar and especially the ashtami that comes before Amavasya is very good. Any prayer submitted to him and offered a deep or a garland of channa dal for 8 such ashtami is 100% accepted and is fruitful.The following is the slokam for Swarna Akarshan Bairavar who gives wealth, and all prosperity in life. Chant it to claim His blessings.

Om iam hreem sreem iam Om aabathutharanaya

hraam hreem hroom ajamalabathaya logesvaraya

swarnagarshana bairavaya

mama tharithriya vithveshanaaya

maha bairavaya naha: sreem hreem iam

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