Abirami Sthothram

Abirami anthathi is written and sung by abirami pattar of Tirukadaiyur, Kumbakonam Dt., Tamilnadu.The song is composed of 108 individual slokams where each sloka has a specific value when said wholeheartedly to the Goddess. Ma Abirami hears all the prayers of her devotees and in return she fulfils all their desires, and blesses them with all prosperity, health and wealth in their life.
A gist of Abirami slokas from Abirami anthathi has been presented here with its meaning. One who reads it as many times as much will be much gifted by Goddess Abirami’s blessings.
Sri Abirami Sthothram

Namasthe lalithe DeviSrimath simhasa neswariBakthanam ishta dehi matha:Sri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: Sree lalithadevi, I bow to you. Sitting without fear on the Lion, you bless all your devotees with the fulfilment of their wishes. Sri Abirami, I bow you once again.

Chandrithayam kruthavathiThadankane maheswari Ayurdehi jaganmathaha:Sri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: Maheswari, you are so powerful that you made a earring to a Full moon. I bow you Sri Abirami as you bless your devotees with a prolonged life span.

Sootha kadesa Sri kantheSaranakatha vathsaleAarokyam dehime nithyamSri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: With Lord Amirthakadeswar as your beloved, you bless all your devotees with a healthy life due to your merciful heart. I bow you Sri Abirami.

Kalyanam Mangalam DehiJagath mangala karini Aishwaryam dehime nithyamSri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: Kalyani, You give us prosperity! You enlighten the whole world with your blessings! You give us all wealth with stability! I bow you Sri Abirami.

Chandra mandala mathyastheMahathiripura sundari Sri Sakraraja nilaye hiSri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: Mahathiripura Sundari, You sit and rule in the midst of Chandramandalam. I bow you the queen of Sri Chakra.

Rajeeva losane, PoornePoorna Chandra vithayini Sowbagyam dehi nithyamSri Abirami namosthuthe

Meaning: You have lotus eyes! You are the first Lady of the world with all perfection! You bless me all the fortune! I bow you Sri Abirami.

Ganesa sa skantha jananiVetharoope, thaneswariVithyam sa dehime nithyamSri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: Mother of Lord Ganesha and Kaarthikeya! Gist of all vedhas! Goddess of Wealth! You give us all the fortune in education! I bow you Sri Abirami.

Swasinipriye matha:Sowmangalya vivarthiniMaangalyam dehime nithyamSri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: You increase the period of togetherness of husband and wife! You bless us with stable fortune! I bow you Sri abirami.

Maarkandeya mahabakthaSubramanya soobujithe Srirajarajeswari thvam hiSri Abirami Namosthuthe

Meaning: Sri Rajarajeswari, You were worshipped by Markandeya and subramanya (Abirami Pattar) and offered Poojas! I bow you Sri Abirami.

Sanithyam guru kalyaniMamapooja gruha sube Bimbe deepe thatha pushpeHarithrakunkume mm

Meaning: Kalyani, You be in my heart, flower, in deep and kumkum and bless so that it lasts for me ever.

Sreeabiramya itham sthothramya: padeth sakthi sannithou Ayur balam yaso varchoMangalam sa bavethsoogam

Those who pray these slokas of Abirami from heart will have healthy long life with all sorts of prosperity, wealth, and fortune in his/her life.


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