Religious News

*~*~* Once in 12 years Ravan’s Lingam in kokarnam is taken out for Abishek and pooja.

*~*~* Everyone knows about Sundarban forest near Kolkatta. The forest is noted for beauty as per its name. The forest department of west Bengal takes in charge of tourism activities by taking tourists to there till a place called “View Point”. The place beyond this point is restricted for tourists due to the existence of wild animals like lion, tiger etc.,
From “View Point”, many small islands, meeting points of rivers and lakes to sea can be viewed clearly. Each of the islands here has a temple as its entrance where, the main deity is Devi durga seated on tiger and worshipped by the name ‘Datchinrai’, ‘Sanarai’, ‘Vanadevi’. The tribes worship these deity before they leave to cut the trees, and hunt for honey with a belief that the deity will safe them from wild animals.

*~*~* When India was under British rule, Robert Claive attended the Garud Seva of Lord Varadaraja Perumal in kanchipuram. Getting dipped in divine spirit, he took of the expensive pearl necklace off his wife’s neck and offered to Lord Almighty. Even today the jewel adorns the Lord in the name of ‘Claive Makarakandi’

*~*~* Names of Pandava’s conch:
Dharma – ananda vijayam
Beem – Poundram
Arjun – Devathatham
Nagulan - Sugosham
Sagadevan – Manipushpagam


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