Hindu customs on lighting lamps

  1. Brahma Muhurtam is between 3:00 am and 6:00 am in the early morning. Lighting a lamp in this period makes all your desires come true.
  2. Do not light a lamp or allow the lamp to glow from 9pm till brahma muhurtam.
  3. When lighting a lamp in the pooja room make sure that the lamp is not facing south.
  4. Lighting of Burnt Red Sand lamps (Agal Vilaku) will give you more power.
  5. Lighting of lamps with Coconut oil or Ilupai oil brings you health and wealth.
  6. Lighting of lamps with threads made from the lotus plant will relieve you from sins committed in the previous birth (Purva Janma Pavam) and bring wealth.
  7. Lighting of lamps with threads made from cotton will maintain harmony in the family.
  8. Lighting a lamp with threads of pure cotton and dipped in ganga water, turmeric water and rose water and then dried removes all sorts of thoshas and brings all sorts of wealth to entire family.
  9. Lighting of lamps with Castor Oil brings you all kinds of wealth.
  10. Lighting of lamps with pure ghee protects you from all kinds of health defects and gives you a prolonged healthy life.
  11. You should never sleep in a room that is completely dark. There should be at least some light in the room..
  12. Lighting of Bronze lamps will relieve you from your sins.
  13. When praying to the family deity(Kula Dievam) you should light lamps with a mixture of Neem & Ilupai Oils along with Pure Cow Ghee.
  14. One should worship Lord Narayanan by lighting lamps with Gingelly Oil.
  15. You should never put out a burning lamp, camphor or incense sticks by blowing with your mouth.
  16. One should worship Godess Mahalakshmi by lighting lamps with Pure Cow Ghee.
  17. When adjusting the thread in lamps in a temple, your fingers will come in to contact with the oil of the lamp. One should never rub that oil on the head


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