Hindu Customs on having food?

  1. Doing Prayer of thanks to God before taking food is appreciated in all religions as it assures the blessings from God that there will be no scarcity of food for the entire life.
  2. If you sit facing east and have your food it increases your life span.
  3. Lighting of lamps with threads made from cotton will maintain harmony in the family.
  4. If you sit facing south and have your food it brings you fame.
  5. You should never sit facing north when having food
  6. It is always good to keep a handful of food to the crows before eating in the noon. The crow is considered as Lord Shani and by feeding him we try to appease him from his anger. It is also believed that feeding of crows is as good as feeding our deceased.
  7. You should always donate food or money to beggars while going into the temple and not when returning from the temple.


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