Dakshinamoorthi - The Guru

Worship of Lord Shiva is done mostly in the form of lingam. Dakshinamoorthy is the only one form of idol worship done to Lord Shiva. This is a form of wisdom. 'Daksin' is a sanskrit word meaning south. Since the Lord faces southern direction, he is called as Dakshinamoorthy. He always has a place in southern part of all Shiva temples. In kerala there are many temples where Dakshinamoorthy is moolvar or the main diety of the temple.

Mostly the gurus or the masters will be aged and the students will be younger. But the above picture shows that sages who are well old sit at His feet to get wisdom which portrays the message that one attains wisdom with blessings of God irrelevant of age factors.

The mantras on Dakshinamoorthy has immense yields:
  • When kids utter mantras on Him they gain much knowledge as result they excel in studies.
  • When youths & elders fo for it they overcome all sorts of depression, wavering mind and excel in their field
  • Those who have dosha, will get nivaran on chanting these mantras.
Dakshinamoorthy Mantras
Danaagarshana Dakshinamoorthy Mantra
This mantra blesses with wisdom and prosperity.
Om namo bagavathe
dakshinamoorthaye mahyam
chriyam pragnyam prayachha
Keerthi Dakshinamoorthy Mantra
On chanting this mantra one would get lots of fame. The speciality of this mantra is that it includes the Panchakshara mantra also.
Om a: nama:
sivaya a: Om
Gnyana Dakshinamoorthy Mantra
This mantra are to be chanted by bachelors who are in need of wisdom.
Om gnyam namachinmaya
moorthaye gnyanam
dehi swaha
Samba Dakshinamoorthy Mantra
This is Gowri Dakshinamoorthi mantra. This mantra includes Panchaksharam and also Bala thiriyakshri mantra. Its vey easy to utter but is more powerful.
Om jam nama:
kleem sivaya sow:
Dakshinamoorthy mala mantra
Om namo bagavathe sathasivaya sarpa
yagnyopavithine jadaamagudaangkrutha
ganga chandra tharaya sarpa booshanaya
sagala vithyam me nyadithi nyadithi prayachha swaha
The above mantras satisfy our wishes when
  • prayed in early morning during Brahma muhurtham
  • prayed along with either one of these flowers: white lotus, vilvam, oomathampoo
  • chanting the mala mantra for 8000 times for 21 days gives real wisdom.


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