Lingapoo - the sacred flower of Lord Shiva

The creations of God the Almighty are really astonishing. The above flower is referred as 'Linga poo' or 'nagalinga poo' in Tamil. Its English name or Botanical name is unknown. This flower is considered to be very sacred and auspicious to Lord Shiva. The flower figures out aavudaiyar at the bottom holding Linga (incarnation of Lord Shiva) over it and the shelter is given by naga like thing over lingam.

This flower is very auspicious to do pooja to Linga. Anyhow this flower shouldn't be used for prayers or any pooja done at home. The flower can be witnessed in all Shiva temples especially in Southern India. It has very strong fragrance that all bees can be seen rounding it. Its tree is too tall. The branch that holds this flower is too thin and thats the real wonder.

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  1. the scientific name of this flower is Coroupita guinensis.


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