Thulasi - Holy basil - Sacred to Lord Vishnu

This is Holy basil in English and Thulasi in Tamil, and Tulsi in Hindi. The entire plant is considered to be very sacred and is auspicious to Lord Vishnu. This plant is considered to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Based on Hindu customs this plant is placed in a pot called 'maadam'. This maadam is placed or constructed either in front of house or at back of house based on Vaastu or fengshui. The ladies regarded as sumangali does pooja to this plant daily in the dawn after shower. She has to clean the pot, put sandal tikka and kumkum tikka on the pot and decorates it with flowers. Lamp has to be lit in front of it. After reciting mantras aarti has to be shown. One who does regular pooja to Tulsi matha, is benefitted with a pleasant life and longitivity of  their husband's life span.

Garland of cotton with turmeric and kumkum(saffron) tikka is special to tulsi matha and doing such garland gives a prosperous life.

Tulsi Mantra
tulsi srisaki papa harini
punyathe namaste naratha nuthe
narayani nama prabe


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