Chapter - 3, Sai Saritham

Baba's permission for writing the book, inspiration to devotees, Sai Baba's stories as the beacon-light, his matherly love.

As it has been said in the previous chapter, while giving his permission to write Sai Satcharitha Baba had said that you have my full permission to do so. Concentrating your mind have faith in my words and keep on doing your work fearlessly.

If my 'leelas' are witten, then ignorance shall vanish and by listening to them with faith and love devotees shall experience strong waves of bliss emerging forth in their hearts uprooting wordly intellect and ego. Whosoever shall dive deep in these 'Leelas' shall come upon the pearls of wisdom.

Hearing these words, henadpant became very happy and fearless. He felt confident that now this work shall be accomplished. Looking at Shama, Baba said," Whosever shall lovingly remember my name I shall fulfill all his desires. His devotion shall progressively enhance. Whoever shall chant my attributes with faith, I shall help him in all possible ways. Those devotees who like Me with their heart and soul shall be naturally enthrilled listening to My stories. Believe me, whoever shall chant my 'Leelas' shall atain highest bliss and everlasting contentment. It is special feature of me that whosoever takes refuse in Me, faithfully worships Me, and constantly remembers Me and Meditates upon Me, I grant him liberation."

"Whosoever remembers My name and worships Me, contemplates My leelas lovingly how  can the worldly carvings and tendancies of worldly desires exist in such devotees? I save them from falling prey to death."

"By merely listening to My stories liberation shall be attained. Therefore, listen to My stories with faith and contemplate on them. this alone is the path to get happiness and contentment."

Baba's stories as the Beacon-light

Light houses are built in the sea in-order that sailors may avoid the hills and cliffs and avert accidents and ships are saved from being damaged. Likewise, in the ocean of wordly life Sai Baba's stories are the beacon-light. They are sweeter than nectar and have potential to make living simple. When they are poured into the heart through the ears, the worldly intellect and ego are destroyed and by contemplation thereon in the heart all doubts are resolved and the dross on the intellect removed and higher intellectual awareness dawned upon giving reise to "Pragya". By listening to the immaculate glories of baba described in these stories with faith, the sins of devotees shall be uprooted. Therefore, this is an easy way to liberation.

It is said in the scriptures that in 'Satyug' the penance and self-control, in 'Tretyuga', the sacrifice, in 'Dwaparyuga' worship of deities, and in 'Kaliyug', namasankirtan is the most effective way of spiritual  practice available to aspirants and people of spiritual disppsition as the means of liberation. 'Namasankirtan' is easily available to all the four classes, whereas other means of yoga, abstention, contemplation and meditation are difficult to be practised. By listening to divine sports and chandting of 'Namasankirtan' one can easily attain the spiritual aspiration and by doing so his natural tendancies of sensus craving and sense gratification are transformed into sublime emotions and feelings of devotion an service leading to become desireless and proceeding towards self-realisation. For bestowing this sort of exaltedness Sai got his life-stories witten for the devotees. He assured thus, " By doing so listener's mind shall attain peace and when the concentration becomes deep and faith confirmed then the indivisibility with God and unbroken consciousness of Saichat Ananda shall be attained. All the sins of previous births shall be wiped out by only chanting "Sai", "Sai".

Inspiration to Devotees

Inspiration is given by God to some devotees to build temples, some to build bathing Ghats at sacred rivers, some to go on pilfrimage to the places of pilgrimage and holy places, some to perform 'Namasankirtan' etc. but God inspired me to write Sri Sai Satcharita. I was totally unable for this stuperdous task because of having no knowledge of divine works. Therefore, why should I have dared to do so? Who is capable of writing the life-story of Sri Sai Maharaj? It is because of his grace alone that compilation of this undertaking could be possible. When I commenced writing the book Baba annihilated my ego and He Himself accomplished the work and composed his own story. Therfore, credit for writing this book must go to Him alone and not to me.

While being a Brahmin by birth, I was devoid of any apiritual vision and therefore, absolutely and unequal to tthe task. What is not possible to be done when grace of god is upon an individual? Even the dumb becomes incessant talker, the lame climbs the hill. God alone hets his works done easily by those who otherwise are not capable to do the same by themselves.

Let the devotees now dwell uopn these stories in straight forward manner, but at the same time meditating on the enchanting form of Sai in their heart and trying to be worthy of Guru, devotion of God and become thus deireless and attain self-realisation. Completion of Sai satcharitha has been possible only with the grace of Sai. I have only been made an instrument by Him.

His motherly Love

It is well known that the cow loves its calf the most. Her udder is always full of milk and when the hungry calf rushes to her udder, milk instantly flows out and the half is satiated. likewise, am mother of human child takes care of the needs of her infant even before it occurs, and the infant shows the inclination, and feeds the baby at the right time. She grooms and decorates the infant without the child seeking for it and she is immensely delighted by seeing the infant well groomed. Love of mother is indeed wonderful, extraordinary and unselfish, which has no parallel in the world. Jus in the same way, the Sadguru has love for the desciple. Sai Baba had similar love for me indeed. There is an example for this.

I was retired from service in 1916. Whatever pension I used to get was inadequate for meeting the living expenses of my family. The same year, I visited Shirdi on the Gurupoornima day along with other devotees. There Anna Chinchanikar on his behalf prayed Baba thus, " Have mercy on him. The pernsion he gets is not sufficient for meeting his family expenses. The family is enlarging. Graciously help him to get another job so tha his miseries are removed and he may live happily."

Baba replied thus, " He will get a job. But now he should get happiness only by doing my service. His desires shall always be fulfilled. He should be gracious and docile towards all and worship Me in the innermost of his heart. if he can do like that then he shall be ever happy."


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