Gokulashtami or Krishnajayanti is the day celebrated by Vainavas or Vaishnavas (followers of Lord Vishnu) as the birth day of Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who played the major role in Mahabaratha. This day falls on Rohini nakshatra in Sravan month in ashtami thithi. This year it falls on September 1 while in Northern parts of India some celebrate on September 2.

On this day, puja starts by putting legs ( waves made using rice flour ) from home entrance to puja room and favourite sweets of krishna - Burfi, beeda, His favourite butter, snacks - seedai ( the one which is too hard to crush with teeth) all are homemade and offered a prayer. The snack seedai is made as Kamsha - the rival of Lord Krishna gnashed his teeth when he heard the birth news of Sri Krishna. Also naval pazham or Black plum (Jambolan) is also offered during prayer as Lord krishna offered all wealth to an old lady who was selling black plum offered Sri krishna all her fruits.

It is believed that Sri krishna visits to everyone's house despite of richness when one called him from heart. And on this auspicious day chanting the below slogan relieves everyone from evils, illness, poverty and be blessed with all enlightenment that is necessary for this worldly life. He is the Jagathguru who presented Bagavat Gita to us - the way to lead life, the meaning of life...

Chant this sloka and admit yourself at His paduka to be freed from all miseries and lead a righteous moral life.

vasudevasutham devam
kamsasaanoora marthanam |
devaki paramaanandam
krishnam vande jagathgurum ||

athaseepushpa sangaasam haaranoopura sopitham |
rathna kangana keyooram krishnamvande jagathgurum ||

gudilaalaga samyuktham poornachandra nibaananam |
vilaasa kundalatharam krishnam vande jagathgurum ||

manthara kandha samyuktham saaruhaasam chathurpujam |
parhipignjava soodaangam krishnam vanthe jagathgurum ||

uthpulla padmapathraksham neela jeemuthasannibam |
yaathavaanaam sirorathnam krishnamvanthe jagathgurum ||

rukmani keli samyuktham peethambara sobitham |
avaptha tulsikantham krishnamvande jagathgurum ||

gopiganaam kusathvanthva kunkumaangitha vakshasaam |
sreeniketham maheshvaasam krishnam vande hjagathgurum ||

sree vathsaangam mahorasgam vanamaala viraajitham |
sanga chakram devam krishnam vande jagathgurum ||

krishnaashlagamitham punyam
praatharuththaaya ya padeth |
kodijanmakirutham papam smaranena vinasyathi ||


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