Gokulashtami Special

On the birthday of the Paramathma Sri Krishna, I am herewith something about the Almighty.
  1. Do you know the siblings of Krishna born before Him to Vasudev and Devaki ? They were Smaran, Uthgeetha, Pareeshvanga, Pathanga, Kshoothrapiruth, Kiruni. The six who were children of Mareeshi, Oornanai were cursed by Lord Brahma to be born to Vasudev and Devaki and be killed by Kamsha. The seventh one is Balram who was later placed in Rukmani's womb.
  2. Of Lord Krishna's children, 18 of them were famous for their humanity deeds. They were Prathyumna, Aniruth, Deepthimaan, Baanu, Saamban, Madhu, Pruhathbaanu, Chitrabaanu, Virugan, Arunan, oPushkaran, Vedhabaahu, Sruthadevan, Sunandanan, Chitrabaahu, Viruban, Kavi, Niyakrothan.
  3. Those who perform true prayer to Balakrishna will also be blessed by Lord Guber - the God of wealth as once Krishna had removed the curse on Guber's two children who were trees to resume their real form. So being grateful to Lord Krishna, Lord Guber blesses all the devotees of Sri Balakrishna with all the wealth.


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