Lokambiga, Vadakara - Panja Bagavathi Kshetras

Lokanarkavu is located at Vadakara, a small town in Kozhikode - the renowned temple which is frequently alluded to in the Vadakkanpattu of kerala (ballads of North Malabar). The deity in this temple was worshipped by Thacholi Othenan, the legendary martial hero of Kerala. It is the abode of Goddess Lokambiga. This is said to be one of the Panja Bagavathi Kshetras.

Lokanarkavillama represents Amba, the feminine counterpart of the universal creator. It is believed that the goddess dwells in the sanctum's jewel studded pillar. The idol of goddess Durga is made of Panchaloha (an alloy of five metals, gold, silver, copper, brass and iron). With the 'Shanku' and 'Chakra' in two of her hands, the four handed deity also depicts the 'Abhaya' and 'Varada' mudras.There are numerous legends about the arrival of the goddess eulogized by Parasurama. One story holds that the local chieftains or landlords brought the Goddess from Lokamaleswaram in Kodungallur to Kadathanad. Another story is that the goddess is the patron deity of the Aryans who migrated to Kerala. In addition to the main deity of Lokanarkavillamma, this temple also has two adjacent shrines dedicated to Mahavishnu and Mahadeva. The shrine dedicated to Mahavishnu is at the south and the one dedicated to the goddess is at the north. At the centre lies the shrine dedicated to Siva. The deity of Vishnu is believed to be the oldest.

Note: The image of Amba is not available. If any of the devotees had it please share it with us, so that everyone can have a glimpse of Her and be blessed.


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