Sai Sacharitra - Chapter 6

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Sai Sachcharitam - Chapter 6
Bhagwant Roa Kshirsagar's story, Dasganu's Prayag Bath, Sai Baba's First advent in Shirdi, Three wada

Bhagwant Roa Kshirsagar's story

What a great interest Sri Sai Baba had in the worship of Vitthal became clear from the story of Bhagwant Roa Kshirsagar. The father of Bhagwant Roa was a great devotee of Vithova. he used to make a pilgrimage every year to pandharpur. In his house he had a picture of Vithova, which he worshipped daily. After his death, pilgrimage, worship, Shraddha, etc., everything was given up by his son Bhagwant Rao. When Bhagwant Roa reached Shirdi, Baba began to say on seeing him thus, " His father was my great friend. So I have called him here. he never gave 'Prashad' and starved me and Vithova. So i inspired him to come over here. Now I shall draw him forcibly towards worship".

Dasganu Prayag's Bath

Prayag is famous pilgrimage place on the banks of confluence of Ganga and Yamuna holy rivers. There is a belief among the Hindus that by taking bath there one's sins are washed away. On every holy occasion thousands of devotees gather and take advantage of taking bath there. Once dasganu also thought of going there for taking the holy bath. For this purpose, he went to Baba to take His permission. Baba told him, "what was the need of going that far? Our prayag is indeed here itself. Believe in me." Then a great miracle took place. As soon as Dasganu bowed at the lotus feet of Baba, there flowed out instantly holy water of Ganga-Yamuna from the feet of Baba.  watching this miracle dasganu was so overcome with devotion and love for Baba that tears began to flow from his eyes. He was enthrilled and spontaneously began to chant the hymns of praises to Sri Sai Baba.

Sri Sai Baba's first advent in Shirdi

Nobody knew anyhing about Parents, birth and place of Sri Sai Baba. Lots of research was done in this matters and enquiries made with the people, but no reliable information could be available. As a matter of fact we remain completely ignorant about these matters. Namdev and Kabir had no human birth, because they were not born like ordinary people. They were found as babies in the lap of nature. Namdev was found by Gonai lying at the bank of Bhimarathi and Kabir by Tamal at the bank of Bhagirathi. Similar was the case with Sri Sai Baba. he had appeared in Shirdi at the age of 16 years sitting under the neem tree for the benediction of devotees. Even at that time , He appeared to be God-realised and knocked out delusion (Maya) and liberation craved for His lotus feet. An old woman of Shirdi, mother of Nanachopdar, described Him as follows:
One young man, healthy, smart and extremely handsome was first seen sitting under 'Neem' tree engrossed in deep meditation. He cared nothing of cold and heat. people were astonished to see Him doing such hard penance. During day He met none and wandered all night. People would make enquiries about Him as to from where He came?  His form and face was so enchanting that by merely having a look at Him once people were attracted to Him. He always remained sitting under neem tree and went to nobody's door. although He appeared young, yet His conduct was like that of saints. he was verily, the form of sacrifice and non-attachement.

Once an interesing event occured. A devotee received command of lord Khandova. Out of inquisitiveness people asked Him, "O Lord! Please do tell us whose son is this boy and from where has He come here?" Lord khandova asked for a spade and pointed to dig at a particular place. when that place was dug deep bricks under a stone were discovered where four lamps were found being alight. The entry led to a caave where a building in the form of cow, wooden planks, garlands etc., were seen lying.

Lord Khandova began to say that this lad did penance at this place for twelve years. then people made enquiries from the lad, but He avoided by telling that this is the sacred place of my preceptor(Guru), and therefore, it is a sacred plaace worthy of worship for me. Then people closed the door as of before. Just as Ashwasth and Audhumbar trees are treated sacred, likewise baba treated this neem tree sacred and lovable. Mahalsapati and other devotees of Shirdi considered this place as 'Samadhi' of Baba's preceptor and always paid obeisaance to it.

Three wadas

The land around 'Neem' tree was purchased by vinayak Sathe who built a graand building there, which came to be known as Sathe wada. That was the only place to stay for the pilgrims coming there from far off places and it used to remain always crowded. a platform was raised around 'Neem' tree. In the south direction under the stairs there is a small temple where people sit on the platform facing the north. It is a general belief that devotees who would on Thursday and riday place burning fragrant sticks there shall always remain comfortable in life by the Graace of God. This wada was in depleted condition and required urgent renovation, which was done by the sai organisation.

Later another wada was built and it was named Dikshit wada. When Kaka Saheb Dikshit(legal advisor) was in england he got injured in his leg in some accident there. He underwent several treatments, but his leg was not healed. Nana Saheb Chandrokar advised him to avail of the grace of Sri Sai Baba. so in 1909, he had 'darshan' of Baba. He prayed Baba for the removal of incapicitation of his heart insead of his leg. By the mere 'darshan' of Baba he got so much exaltation that he accepted to stay in shirdi for ever. So he built his wada for the stay of devotees. The stone-laying ceremony was on 9-12-1910. The same day two other special events took place (1) Shri Dada Saheb Kahparne got permission to return to his home and (2) Night 'Aarti' commenced at 'Chavadi'. Within a short time the wada was completely built and on the auspicious occasion of Ramnavami(1911) it was inaugurated with approprite rites.

Thereafter, another mansion-like wada was built by the famous gentleman of Nagpur Shri Buty. Lots of money was spent on its construction and his entire property became worthy of a great cause, because the mortal coils of Baba lay resting there permanently and at present it is well known as 'Samadhi Mandhir'. there was a beautiful garden at this spot before. Baba Himself watered the plants grown there and took care of them. Earlier where not even small cottage was available, now there were threee huge wadas built, of which Sathe wada was greatly useful in those days.


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