Narasimha Astothram with meaning

1  Om narasimhaya namah --           Obeisances unto the half-man half-lion Lord
2  Om mahasimhaya namah  --          Obeisances to the great lion
3  Om diyva-simhaya namah  --         Obeisances to the Divine lion
4  Om mahabalaya namah  --             Obeisances to the greatly powerful
5  Om ugra-simhaya namah --             Obeisances to the terrifying lion
6  Om mahadevaya namah  --           Obeisances to the Lord of lords
7  Om stambha-ja-aya namah --            Obeisances to One who appeared from the pillar
8  Om ugra-locanaya namah  --          Obeisances to one who possesses terrifying eyes
9  Om raudraya namah  --               Obeisances to the angry one
10  Om sarvadbhutaya namah  --         Obeisances to one who is wonderful in everyway
11  Om srimanaya namah --              Obeisances to the most beautiful
12  Om yoganandaya namah --            Obeisances to the source of yogic bliss
13  Om trivikramaya namah --           Obeisances to Lord Vamana (Who took three great steps)
14  Om harine namah --                 Obeisances to Sri Hari Who takes our troubles away
15  Om kolahalaya namah  --            Obeisances to the roaring (Varahadeva – Varaha-nrisimha)
16  Om cakrine namah  --               Obeisances to Him Who carries the disk
17  Om vijayaya namah  --              Obeisances to Him Who is always victorious
18  Om jaya-vardhanaya namah  --       Obeisances unto Him Who has ever increasing glories
19  Om panchananaya namah  --          Obeisances unto Him Who is five-headed
20  Om param-brahma-aya namah --        Obeisances unto Supreme Absolute Truth
21  Om aghoraya namah --               Obeisances to Him Who for His devotees is not horrible
22  Om ghora-vikramaya namah --        Obeisances to him Who has terrifying activities
23  Om jvalan-mukhaya namah --          Obeisances to One Who has an effulgent face
24  Om jvala-maline namah --           Obeisances to Him with effulgent garland of flames
25  Om mahajvalaya namah  --           Obeisances to He Who is most effulgent
26  Om maha-prabhuhaya namah  --       Obeisances to the Supreme Master
27  Om niti-laksaya namah  --          Obeisances to Him Who possesses all good (moral) qualities
28  Om sahasraksaya namah --           Obeisances to the thousand-eyed One
29  Om durniriksyaya namah --          Obeisances to Him Who is difficult to see (bzw. difficult to look at)
30  Om pratapanaya namah  --           Obeisances to Him Who oppresses His enemies with great heat
31  Om mahadamstraya namah  --         Obeisances to Him Who possesses huge teeth
32  Om yudha-prajnaya namah --         Obeisances to the Supremely intelligent in battle (ready to fight)
33  Om canda-kopine namah  --          Obeisances to Him Who is likened to an angry moon
34  Om sada-sivaya namah  --           Obeisances to the All auspicious Lord
35  Om hiranyakasipu-dhvamsine namah -- Obeisance to Him Who destroys Hiranyakasipu
36  Om daitya-danava-bhanjanaya namah -- Obeisances to He Who destroys the masses of the race of demons and giants
37  Om guna-bhadraya namah  --         Obeisances unto Narasimha Who is full of  wonderful qualities
38  Om mahabhadraya namah --           Obeisances to Him Who is very auspicious
39  Om bala-bhadraya namah --          Obeisances to Him Who is auspiciously powerful
40  Om subhadrakaya namah --           Obeisances to the extremely auspicious One
41  Om karalaya namah  --              Obeisances to He Who possesses a wide open mouth
42  Om vikaralaya namah --             Obeisances to Him with very wide open mouth
43  Om vikartaya namah --              Obeisances to the Lord Who performs wonderful activities
44  Om sarva-kartrikaya namah  --      Obeisances to the Lord performs ALL activities
45  Om sisumaraya namah  --            Obeisances to Him Who also appears as Matsya
46  Om trilokatmaya namah  --          Obeisances to the Soul of the three worlds
47  Om isaya namah  --                 Obeisances to the Lord known as the controller
48  Om sarvesvaraya namah  --          Obeisances to THAT supreme controller
49  Om vibhuaya namah --               Obeisances to Narasimha Who is the BEST
50  Om bhaivaradambaraya namah  --     Obeisances to Him Who causes terror by roaring in the sky
51  Om divyaya namah --                Obeisances to That Divine Person Narasimha
52  Om acyutaya namah  --              Obeisances to our infallible Lord Nara-simha
53  Om kavine namah  --                Obeisances to the Supreme intelligent (poet)
54  Om madhavaya namah  --             Obeisances to the husband of Srimati Laksmi devi
55  Om adhoksajaya namah             Obeisances to Him Who is beyond understanding (or beyond explaining)
56  Om aksaraya namah  --              Obeisances to the infallible One
57  Om sarvaya namah  --               Obeisances to He Who is the origin of everything
58  Om vanamaline namah   --           Obeisances to Him Who wears garland of forest flowers (or adorned by His loving devotees)
59  Om varapradaya namah --            Obeisances to the Merciful Lord Who grants boons to the deserving like Prahlada
60  Om visvambaraya namah  --          Obeisances to Narasimha Who maintains the universe
61  Om adbhutaya namah   --            Obeisances to Him Who is WONDERFUL
62  Om bhavyaya namah --               Obeisances to He Who determines the future (Who IS the future for His devotees)
63  Om sri-visnave namah --            Obeisances to That Narasimha Who is the all pervading Lord Vishnu
64  Om purusottamaya namah  --         Obeisances to Narasimha Who is the Supreme Enjoyer
65  Om anaghastra namah  --            Obeisances to Him Who can never be wounded by weapons
66  Om nakhastraya namah --            Obeisances to Him Who has sharp nails for weapons
67  Om surya-jyotine namah  --         Obeisances to Narasimha the source of Suns rays
68  Om suresvaraya namah --            Obeisances to Narasimhadev, Lord of devatas
69  Om sahasra-bahu-aya namah  --      Obeisances to Nara-hari the thousand-armed Lord
70  Om sarva-jnaya namah --            Obeisances to Him Who is the all-knowing
71  Om sarva-siddhi-pradayakaya namah Obeisances to Him Who awards all perfections to the sadhakas (devotees)
72  Om vajra-damstraya namah  --       Obeisances to Narasimha Who has teeth like lightning bolts
73  Om vajra-nakhaya namah  --         Obeisances to Narasimha Who possesses nails like          piercing lightning bolts
74  Om mahanandaya namah  --           Obeisances to the source of supreme bliss – Atmananda – Narasimha
75  Om param-tapaya namah --           Obeisances to the source of All austerities, spiritual energy (and taptah – heat)
76  Om sarva-mantraika-rupa namah --   Obeisances to that Divine Personality Who although one, he appears as the many mantrika formulas
77  Om sarva-yantra-vidaramaya namah -- Obeisances to Him Who destroys all machines (demoniac plans/arrangements/vehicles for demoniac works)
78  Om sarva-tantratmakaya namah --    Obeisances to Narasimha the essence of, and proprioter of all tantras (ritual rites – pujas)
79  Om avyaktaya namah  --             Obeisances to the Lord Who appears unmanifest
80  Om suvyaktaya namah  --            Obeisances unto Nara-simha Who for His devotees becomes wonderfully manifest from the pillar (or when needed)
81  Om bhakta-vatsala namah          Obeisances to the Lord Who always has the well-being of His devotee at heart
82  Om vaisakha-sukla-bhototthaya namah --  Obeisances to That Narasimhadeva Who appeared during waxing moon of the month of Visakha (April-May)
83  Om saranagata-vatsalaya namah   --  Obeisances to The Lord Who is kind to those surrendered to Him (like the mother lioness who is kind to her cubs)
84  Om udara-kirtine namah   --         Obeisances to Nara-simha Who is universally famous
85  Om punyatmaya namah   --            Obeisances to Him Who is the essence of piety
86  Om mahatmaya namah   --             Obeisances to That great personality, Nara-simha
87  Om candra-vikramaya namah   --      Obeisances to Him Who is the performer of moonlike or great deeds, or who performs deeds that eclipse All others
88  Om vedatrayaya namah  --            Obeisances to the Lord of the three original Vedas (Rg, Yajur, Sama)
89  Om prapujyaya namah   --            Obeisances to Narasimha Who is supremely worshipable
90  Om bhagavanaya namah   --           Obeisances to Narasimha the Supreme Personality of Godhead
91  Om paramesvaraya namah  --          Obeisances to He Who is the Supreme Controller (Nara-simha-deva)
92  Om srivatsamkaya namah --           Obeisances to the Lord Who is just like Krishna, being marked with symbol of Laksmi
93  Om jagat-vyapine namah  --          Obeisances to Narasimha Who pervades the entire universe
94  Om jagan-mayaya namah  --           Obeisances to the Supreme Mystic Who makes the material world seem real
95  Om jagat-palaya namah   --          Obeisances to the protector of the universe (Nara-simha)
96  Om jagannathaya namah  --           Obeisances to the Lord of Universe
97  Om mahakhagaya namah  --            Obeisances to Him Who moves in the air or with the movement of the air (is everywhere)
98  Om dvi-rupa-bhrtaya namah   --      Obeisances to Him Who has double form (man-lion)
99  Om paramatmaya namah    --          Obeisances to Him Who is the Supersoul of All beings
100  Om param-jyotine namah  --         Obeisances to Him (Nara-simha) Whose effulgence is the source of Brahman
101  Om nirgunaya namah   --            Obeisances to Narasimha Who possesses  transcendental qualities (not those of the material nature)
102  Om nrkesarine namah   --           Obeisances unto Him man-lion (or having a lion’s mane while appearing part human)
103  Om para-tattvaya namah   --        Obeisances to the Supreme Absolute Truth (One Who is of the Supreme nature)
104  Om param-dhamaya namah  --         Obeisances to He Who comes from the Supreme Abode
105  Om sac-cid-ananda-vigrahaya namah --   Obeisances to Narasimha Whose Form is made of eternal knowledge and bliss
106  Om laksmi-nrsimhaya namah  --      Obeisances unto the Man-Lion Form together with the Supreme Goddess of Fortune Srimati Laksmi-devi
107  Om sarvatmaya namah  --            Obeisances unto the universal, primeval soul (the Supreme Personality of Godhead – Narasimhadeva)
108  Om dhiraya namah    --             Obeisances unto Narasimha who is always sober (being never bewildered)
***Om prahlada-palakaya namah   ***--         Obeisances unto Narasimha Who is the protector of Prahlada Maharaja, and those of that nature – surrendered unto Him.


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