Various forms of Lord Narasimha

There are totally seventy four forms of Lord Narasimha. Of them thirty forms are known and nine form them are very prominent. The remaining forms are standing, riding on Garuda, alone, in company, benign, ferocious, and multi-armed (two to sixteen). All of these forms point to the diversity in transcendence of the Narsimha-Avatar.
  1. Amrta-nrsimha (representing the five elements)
  2. Astamo-diina-vallabhah (Beloved to the wretched)
  3. Attahasa-nrsimha (roars horribly and majestically strides out to destroy evil)
  4. Avesha-nrsimha (a frenzied form)
  5. Brahma-nrsimha, Vishnu-nrsimha, and Rudra-nrsimha
  6. Chanda-nrsimha (ferocious)
  7. Chhatra-nrsimha (seated under a parasol of the five-hooded serpent)
  8. Chakra-nrsimha (with only a discus in hand)
  9. Caturthaastu-vidhaaranah (One who rips apart)
  10. Dashamo-'nanta hastakah (One who has unlimited hands)
  11. Dvaadashah-karuna nidhih (Ocean of Mercy)
  12. Dvitiiyas-tugrakesharih (Angry Lion)
  13. Ekaadasho-mahaa-raudro (Terrible One)
  14. Ghora-nrsimha (ferocious)
  15. Grahana-nrsimha (catching hold of the demon)
  16. Jvala-nrsimha (with a flame-like mane)
  17. Laksmi-nrsimha (where Laksmi pacifies Him)
  18. Navamo-prahlaada-varado (Benefactor of Prahlada)
  19. Pan-casya-pan-camashcaiva (One who has five mouths)
  20. Prasada-nrsimha or Prahlada-varada-nrsimha (Benign Protector of Prahlada)
  21. Pratamaastu-mahaajvaalo (Greatly fiery one)
  22. Prthvi-nrsimha, Vayu-nrsimha, Akasa-nrsimha, Jvalana-nrsimha and Pusthi nrsimha (worshipped for overcoming evil influences)
  23. Samhara-nrsimha (killing the demon)
  24. Saptamo-daitya hantaa ca (The Killer of the demons)
  25. Shasta-kashipu mardhanah (Killer of Hiranyakashipu)
  26. Stambha-nrsimha (coming out of the pillar)
  27. Svayam-nrsimha (manifesting on His own)
  28. Tritiiyah-krsna pingaaksah (One with Blackish Brown Eyes)
  29. Vidarana-nrsimha (ripping open of the belly of the demon)
  30. Yoga-nrsimha or Yogesvara-nrsimha (in meditation)
The prominent nine forms Navanarasimha are:
Lord Narasimha
  1. Ugra Narasimha
  2. Krodha Narasimha
  3. Malola Narasimha
  4. Jwala Narasimha
  5. Varaha Narasimha
  6. Bhargava Narasimha
  7. Karanja Narasimha
  8. Yoga Narasimha
  9. Lakshmi Narasimha
  10. Chhatravata Narasimha/Pavana Narasimha/Pamuleti Narasimha


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