Temple and Puja performance for Lord Sarabeswara

It is firmly believed that for removing obstacles in marriage, for begetting a child, for recovery from debts, for winning legal battles, for neutralizing the effects of black magic etc., worshipping Lord Sarabeswara is the best remedy. Arulmighu Kambahareswara temple, also known as "Thirubuvana Veera Deva temple" located in the village of Thirubuvanam, a town which is about 8 miles from Kumbakonam in the east on the road leading to Mayiladuthurai is the only temple where Lord Shiva Perumaan is manifested as "Sarabeswarar" while in other places Sarabeswarar can be found in pillars.

Lord Sarabeswara
Lord Sarabeswara is please or the best time to do abishekam and puja to Lord sarabeswara is on 
  • Chandra horai during raagu kaalam on Sunday - perform abishekam for Sri Sarabesvara using pure cow's milk. Do archana using little spheres of butter and perform archana with 108 namas and offer white colored dishes as neivédyam and distribute the same to the poor and the needy. Doing this will cure migraine problems, cure the long illness of husband, get back your awaited finance and bring peace in family
  • Sani Horai during raagu Kaalam on Sunday - offer selfless service to the handicapped, Offer sesame based dishes and fruits as neivédyam, Distribute black or blackish blue clothes to the poor and Do archana using flowers from the Nagalingam tree in this time span.Doing this will cure severe illness, remove the obstacles, gain good fame, rejoin the estranged couples
  • Guru horai during raagu Kaalam on Sunday - one must offer beauty products and ornaments as gifts to married women who can't afford these on their own. Doing this is good for women on all aspects to get rid of problems with husband, relations, in laws, and reduce the intensity of enemity.
Gayatri Mantra

Om Saaluvesaaya vidhmahé

pakshi raajaaya dheemahi
thannó Sarabesvara prachodayaath 


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