Komatha - Abode of celestial Gods

As you can see the captivating glimpse of Komatha also referred as Kamadenu which is always esteemed with motherly status, is given the prime importance in Hindu rituals and customs by first paying tribute to Her. She is considered to be the abode of 33 Gods. She is beleived to be originated from the milk of ocean during Ksheera Sagara Madhanam - the episode of  Churning of the Ocean of Milk in Vishnu Purana. The sight of Her itself is believed to be very auspicious and She is prayed as a wish fulfiller. It is also believed that by worshiping Her one could please all the Gods and Goddesses also and could nullify the Graha Doshas (Planetary effects).

While doing the Komatha puja, it is an immense belief that touching and chanting the appropriate Nama' s at certain places will please the Gods and Goddesses and also be blessed. Herewith, I have marked with arrows and also have given the Nama's to be chanted touching those place on Komatha. The left out Nama's and places are listed below as follows:

  • On right eye - Om Jyestaayai Namaha:
  • On left eye - Om Chandrayai Namaha:
  • On tooth - Om Maruthyayai Namaha:
  • On chin - Om Varunayai Namaha:
  • On top lips - Om Yakshepyo Namaha:
  • On bottom lips - Om Yamaya Namaha:
  • On neck - Om Indirayai Namaha:
  • On legs - Om Ganepyo Namaha:
  • On pulse - Om Nethrepyo Namaha:
  • On heart - Om Uma devyai Namaha:
  • On stomach - Om Boomidevyai Namaha:
  • On cowdung - Om Brahmane Namaha:
  • On Urine - Om Vishnave Namaha:
  • On Her Ghee - Om Rudraya Namaha:
  • On Her Curd - Om Eshwaraya Namaha:
  • On Her Milk - Om Sadasivaya Namaha:
May  all be blessed and wished get fulfilled by chanting Komatha and doing Komatha Puja.


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