Navagraha stotram


Aarogyam prathathu no dinakara:
Chandro yalo nirmalam 
Boothim boomisootha: soothaamsuthanaya:
Pragnyam gururgouvravam
kaanya: komalavaakvilaasamathulam
Mantho mutham sarvatha
Raahoor baahubalam virothasamanam
Kethu: kulasyonnathim


Please bless us with good health by sun god - Lord Surya; fame by moon god- Lord Chandra; prosperous by Lord Angaraha; good knowledge by lord Budha; good status by Lord Guru; good speech by Lord Sukira; happiness by Lord Sani; courage and overcoming enemy by Lord Raagu; and generation growth by Lord Kethu


Chanting this navagraha blessed sthotra for nine times a day will relieve us from any sort of graha doshas and also we will be blessed with complete mercy of Navagrahas.


Thanks for droppping in your valuable compliments that make me serve you better.