32 forms of Ganapathi

Lord Shree Ganesh is worshiped as god of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. The beginning of any auspicious performance for blessings and auspiciousness starts with prayers to Lord Ganesh or Ganapathi or Vinayaka. A unique combination of his elephant like head and a quick moving tiny mouse vehicle represents tremendous wisdom, intelligence, and presence of mind. As by Agamic scriptures, Lord Ganesha is recognized and worshiped in 32 distinct forms while each form representing a cause.From Atharvana vedhas and Ganapathi sahasrnamam, it is known that there are 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. Simply uttering the names of Ganesha forms itself is considered to be equal to doing archana in the temple.

32 forms of Lord Ganesha

  1. Bala Ganapathi
  2. Tharuna Ganapathi
  3. Bakthi Ganapathi
  4. Veera Ganapathi
  5. Sakthi Ganapathi
  6. Dvija Ganapathi
  7. Siddhi Ganapathi
  8. Uchishta Ganapathi
  9. Vigna Ganapathi
  10. Kshipra Ganapathi
  11. Heramba Ganapathi
  12. Lakshmi Ganapathi
  13. Maha Ganapathi
  14. Vijaya Ganapathi
  15. Nrutha Ganapathi
  16. Oorthuva Ganapathi
  17. Ekatshara Ganapathi
  18. Vara Ganapathi
  19. Treyakshara Ganapathi
  20. Sipraprasadha Ganapathi
  21. Harithra Ganapathi
  22. Ekathantha Ganapathi
  23. Shrusti Ganapathi
  24. Uthanda Ganapathi
  25. Runamosana Ganapathi
  26. Thundi Ganapathi
  27. Duvimuga Ganapathi
  28. Mummuga Ganapathi
  29. Singa Ganapathi
  30. Yoga Ganapathi
  31. Durga Ganapathi
  32. Sankatahara Ganapathi
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