Chapter - 4, Sri Sai Charitham

Rohila's story, Baba's sweet and Nectar-like words

Shirdi Sai Baba
Once an individual of Rohila caste came to Shirdi. He was tall and well-built. Being enchanted with the love of Baba, he began to stay there. He used to recite the versus of holy Q'uran in loud and piercng tone and often shouted: 'Alla-hu-Akbar' aloud. When the people of Shirdi returned to their homes at night after day-long labour in the fields, they could not sleep due to noise of piercing loud shouting of Rohila, because of which they experienced great inconvenience. For several days they kep quiet, but when the inconvenience became intolerable then reaching to Baba they pleaded with hm to stop Rohila from shouting aloud at night.

Baba did not pay attention to them and ignored their imploration. Instead, he rebuked the villagers telling them to mind their own business and ignore Rohila. Baba told them that Rohila's wife is of bad temper and she troublked him and Rohila, but she dared not to appear before him because of his recitation aloud of the versus of holy Q'uran. So he is in peace and happy with himself. In fact, Rohila had no wife and Baba only pointed to his unholy thoughts. Baba used to give importance to prayer and worship of God instead of any other things. Therefore taking the side of Rohila, Baba persuaded the villagers to tolerate quietly for some time such inconvenience.

Baba's sweet and Nectar-like words

One day devotees were returning to their respective lodges after the noon 'Aarti' when Baba in his sweet nectar-like words said thus: "Wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing, always remember this that whatever you do I am always aware of it. I am the indweller of all beings. It is I whom all living and non-living beings are merged. I too amm the director and controller of the entire cosmos. I am the creator, ustainer and destroyer of all existence. None can harm my devotees. One who ignores meditating upon Me gets entangled in delusion (Maya). All beings, appearances, changing existence and this cosnmos are Me Very form."

After hearing these sweet nectar-like words, I firmly decided that in future I shall not serve anyone except my Guru (Preceptor). "I shall get a job" - These words of Baba began to resound in my mind. I began o think would it indeed happen so? Future events proved Baba's words turned out to be true and I got a job. After thus being care free, I remained in uninterrupted service of Baba for the rest of my life. Before concluding this chapter, I have a humble request to reader that they should concentrate on Baba's 'Leelas' waywarness of mind, and attachement to senses, and do worship devotedly and not involve themselves in other unnecessary practices. They should follow only one easily available way and that is listening to divine sports of Sai; and thus their ignorance shall vanish and the gate-way to liberation be opened.


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