Sri Krishna in pictures

Here I have tried to picturise the story of Lord Sri krishna in pictures collected from web.

Birth of sri Krishna
It is said that Krishna as soon as being born to Vasudev and devaki in prison spoke out to parents immediately of addressing Who He is and why he was born. He was then taken away from prison by his father to Gokulam in a basket. While he crossed the river aathisesha came behind them for protection from heavy rain.

Krishna with Yasoda
Krishna in his childhood

Krishna declaring the great Mhabaratha war against Gouravas

Sri Krishna the paramathma reciting Bagavath Gita to Arjuna

Gist of Bagavath Gita 

Whatever has happened is for good

whatever is happening is going on well

whatever will happen that will also be good

Why you are repenting for whatever you have lost?

Have you brought anything with you which you have lost?

Have you produced any thing that is destroyed?

Whatever you have gained, you obtained from here

whatever you gave you have given here

Whatever belongs to you today yesterday belonged to some one

it may belong to someone day after “change is the rule of nature”

~Lord krishna~

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