About Us

'Bhakti Marg' is the path of devotion to God and surrender at his feet for a moral life of love. I have started a pilgrimage of devotion via this blog. 'Bhakti' doesn't mean to sit at a place and always chant the Almighty's name.
We are born in this world or sent to this world to lead a disciplined moral life. And that is our Duty. We have to commit ourselves on our duties for our wellness and the devotion or Bhakti is the additional power that we should equip along with us always to go in the right path.
I herewith present you the known and simple way of devotion through slokas and informations about dieties. In the name of Shirdi Saibaba I am trying to present the gist of Hinduism on my way. Hinduism is a wonderful path of leading a disciplined, moral and healthy life. The customs that are followed in Hinduism, though undergone blindly in the name of God, each custom uphold a scientific reason that paves way for a healthy life.  

For example, the posture hindus are encouraged to sit to do prayer is an significant Yogic posture or Asana which open the energy channels, chakras and psychic centers of the body. Asanas purify and strengthen the body and control and focus the mind. Another example is that the devotion procedure starts with a lamp lighting. The lamp is lit either wih coconut oil, sesame oil, ghee or lotus oil and then the prayer starts. The moral behind is the lamp lit ignites an aroma from the oil that spreads the hall which forms the basis for Aromatherapy. 

I hope that through Hindu Spirit all are benefitted by attaining real wisdom and spiritual calmness in this busy and mechanical world.

Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,