Jun 26, 2014

Benefits of performing Abishekas

Various types of Abishekam

Abhishekam is the ancient sacred Hindu custom of bathing a deity in water, milk, honey, ghee, fruit juice and other liquids. This resulting mixture is intended to be served as prasadam to the devotees who offer their prayers. The pouring of these liquids symbolizes the pouring of a devotee’s purest love for God.  Performing this ceremony, with a pure mind, faith and conviction, results in washing away of sins, and purification of the devotee’s own heart and mind.  Generation after generation, millions of Hindus continue to perform abhishekam to this very day.
But Atheists may raise many questions like over this ritual.  Why is necessary?  Aren’t we just wasting food? 

We get the answer from Sudha Aditya in "The Inner Journey" compares this act to a mother caring for her child:

Take a mother and her child, for example. The mother loves her child dearly and she spares no effort to please it. She cooks the child’s favourite dishes, dresses it in fine clothes and does everything in her power to make the child happy and feel loved and cared for.  The mother never thinks that her is wasting her money, time or effort.
Similarly, the abhishekam is an offering to God and should not be viewed as a waste of materials, effort or time.  In fact, Sudha Aditya goes on to say:

…what we are offering Him by way of abhishekam is actually an minuscule part of what He gives us. We are merely giving Him what already belongs to Him.
As we move into the ritual, the puranic(ancient) vedhas had left evidences that each form of Abhishekam has a definite purpose and devotees are blessed accordingly as stated below:
One who performs abhishekam using:
  • Mangoes will be gifted with Victory ever
  • Panchamirth will be gifted with Prosperity
  • Tender coconut water will be gifted with Good position
  • Vibhudhi(Ash) will be gifted with Goodness
  • Sandal will be gifted with Highest post
  • Paneer(Rose water) will be gifted with Happiness
  • Milk will be gifted with Long life
  • Sesame oil will be gifted with Relief from viral disease
  • Lemon will be gifted with overcome fear of death
  • Bananas will be gifted with full Granary
  • Curd will be gifted with Flourish with generations
  • Honey will be gifted with Good health
  • Jaggery will be gifted with Relief from grieve
  • Sugar will be gifted with Overcome enemies
  • Food will be gifted with All wealth and health
  • Water will be gifted with Peace
The rituals and custom we observe and perform are carried out through generations just not for the religious sake but as the chanting of "OM" creates wonders each of these rituals have been carefully meant to its value and the perfect way of carrying forward it with full faith and dedication results only in peace for everyone on all worldly matters.

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