Dec 19, 2018

Speciality of Sundara Gandam

In the Ramayana, there are six parts of the bal gandam, ayōtyā gandam, kikintā gandam, Sundara gandam, war. Among the gandams, Sundara gandam is very famous.

Sundaram means beautiful. This is the phase in which Hanuman succeeded in finding Seetha for Rama.

Hanuman is the best of the Rama devotee, quoted by Rama himself. He has dedicated himself to the service of Rama.

In this phase, Seetha listens to the good news that the 'winning man Rama is coming to the Ashoka van to fetch her' through Hanuman and feels peace in mind. This is also the phase where the Pride of the Lord Hanuman is proven after letting the entire Lanka reigned by Ravana in the fire with his tail.

 Ramayana is not just the legend. For years, there have been many shreds of evidence uncovered strengthening the religious belief immensely. Ashoka Vatika, the then Ashoka van is situated in the island country of Sri Lanka.

The place is a garden of great beauty and a site of great mythical importance. The instances and mention of the Ashok Vatika are found in the legendary epic of Hindu mythology the Ramayana. The mention of Ashok Vatika is not only there in the Ramayana but also in Vishnu Purana and other various versions of Rama tales by different authors over the timeline of Indian literature. It is spiritual and divine to feel standing at that place where once Hanuman, Seetha, and Rama lived and had their days. It’s worth the while to visit there once in our lifetime.

Jai Sree Ram

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